I have a migrain and it's happening everyday. What should I do?

Suggestions. Preventative approaches may work the best in the end. OTC items such as butterbur, feverfew, Co-Q10, riboflavin, and magnesium may work as well or better than drugs. Triptans can stop headaches if used early, but work poorly after 90 min. Never use pain meds such as narcotics, as things can get worse.
Muscle relaxation. 19y female suffers daily headaches, oft mislabeled "chronic migraines". MRI needed to rule R/O masses; otherwise chronic cervical muscle spasm a common cause; oft compensatory for chronic asymmetric cervical-head postures. Spasm discoverable by palpation of paired muscle masses. Tilted shoulder girdles, one low, are common & beget asymmetric superior trapezium; one w. greater mass, spasm & pain. .
Get checked. New headaches can be serious. Or they can be due to a simple problem like muscle contraction headaches from too much computer use! The only way to tell serious headaches from minor ones is to be seen by a medical professional and have an appropriate history and physical done with any suggested testing. Take care!