My Rheumatologist said that i'll be on pain meds for a long time for chondromalacia. I don't wanna get hook on pain meds. Are there any other choices.

Yes. There are very definite and better alternatives. Assuming you have chondromalacia of the patella ( kneecap) quad strengthening, patellar bracing/ taping and NSAIDs may be the best option initially. Topical compounding creams and weight loss( if overweight ) are helpful. A second opinion by an experienced ORS is an option. Pain meds are not an option for my patients! Best of Luck!
Biomechanics. "Chondromalacia" resistant to therapy might alternatively have an Osteopath observe for Genu varus & valgus. Even slight morphologic variations of these postures can impart patella dysfunction during knee flexion & extension. A possible solution is to shim up either the medial or lateral sole of the shoe so as to slightly shift the neutral knee posture, and to counteract the Genu varus or valgus. .