Do those amber teething necklaces for babies actually work? I'm super skeptical of the succinic acid thing.

Strangled baby. They are a strangulation risk. Do not buy one! Http://m.dailytelegraph. Com. Au/news/nsw/amber-teething-necklace-warning-after-toddler-nearly-strangled/story-fni0cx12-1227241809571.
Cold, Tylenol (acetaminophen). Placing a pacifier into the frig helps. Tylenol (acetaminophen) help to ease the discomfort! The pain should ease in a fee days.
No evidence. I've yet to see a controlled scientific study that supports the effectiveness of the amber teething necklaces, only anecdotal stories. I"m also concerned about strangulation risk. Cold teething rings and OTC pediatric analgesics are effective. Please seek advice from your Pediatrician or Pediatric Dental Specialist. See Pedodontist for 1st Dental examination Age 1.
Maybe. Although many people claim that they have seen relief with their use, I havent seen any research to support amber necklaces for teething.