What is E-MAX dental crown? What is the best type of crown for Bruxism?

Crowns. Emax is a pressed porcelain usually reserved for front teeth with cosmetic need. Bruxzir is tooth colored Zirconia based crown that is as strong as metal, but tooth colored.
Nightguard. if the tooth needs a crown in patient with bruxism habit, metal crown is the best option with additional protection of night guard or occlusal splint.
Lithium disilicate. Zirconia is the strongest material we currently have, but may be too much for heavy bruzer. Best to wear an occlusal guard. All metal crowns (back teeth) have the test of time to support their usefulness and compatibility against your natural opposing teeth. I do not recommend E-Max for my patients for second molars. See the Prosthodontist for evaluation of your specific needs. Good Luck.
Porcelain crown. emax = type of all-ceramic crown which is preferred for its longer lasting, aesthetic qualities in the anterior front area and can also be used with zirconia substructures for added strength. Brusism = gold or zirconia in the posterior back teeth.
Night Guard. 1. E-max is a porcelain metal free crown. 2. See your dentist for night guard fabrication Once your dental night guard is in place, you can sleep soundly knowing that even if you do grind your teeth the E-max and your they are protected.