I had foot surgery on may 13. my foot is still a little swollen….not like before but still swollen. Is that ok?

Post-op swelling. You are only 5 weeks post-op. Since I have no idea of what you had done, if you had bone surgery this is definitely normal. If you had soft tissue surgery, then you should be coming to an end of your swollen foot quite soon. Also there is the possibility of some local chronic swelling that may never resolve. Unfortunately there is not enough information to give you a more definitive answer.
What type of surgery. swelling is expected in certain cases . You should definitely call the doctor who did the procedure to voice your concerns. Not knowing what was done it's hard to advise u.
It's okay. But you should be following up with your surgeon and asking here questions to them....we don't even know what procedure you had...
NORMAL. I don't know if you had one procedure or multiple procedures, but it's not even 2 weeks. It's normal, but take it slow and follow your surgeon's orders. Dr. Latva.