Our six month old infant is teething. Baby paracetamol (calpol) provides definite relief. The insert says we can give it to him up to 4 times per day. But for how long can we do this safely? 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month?

Teething is normal. This is another name for acetaminophen and it is a mild analgesic only. It is OK to use this infrequently. Acetaminophen has its own drawbacks and that can be looked-up online. Try to let your child chew on a cold clean rag or something, it helps. This will come and go and they will get through this, and so will you!!
Teething pain. Pain relief can be achieved by pain killers like baby paracetamol given every 6 hourly. They are given as needed . There are teether like ice teether rings which are good. Better to Avoid the medicines as much as you can . .
Alternate treatment. would not do this for more than a couple of days in the fashion you described. Acetaminophen may inflame his liver. Try other methods for teething such as cold teething rings.
Few days. teeth will usually erupt within a few days to one week. Try rubbing your finger on an ice cube and then rubbing that finger on infant's gums. Should help. Then try medication.
Best to ask the Dr. Here are good advise answers: http://babyandbump.momtastic.com/baby-club/879734-does-anyone-give-infant-paracetamol-regularly-teething.html As they note - it's always good to discuss this since there may be other things than simple teething involved if it's constant and long. Best!
Teething. you should not need to provide the paracetamol for more than a few days in a row if teething is the issue. If pain is present for more than 3-4 days in a row, see your PCP. Ask your pediatrician or have consult via healthtap for appropriate dosing of paracetamol. Other tips for teething: use a cold teething ring, mesh teething bag with cold/frozen fruit, teething toys.
Ask Pediatrician. Teething pain is episodic, rarely lasting more than a few days. That said: 1)Discuss all Meds with Pediatrician 2)Follow package directions to the letter...do not give more than directed. In the U.S. Caldol (Children's Tylenol) is commonly used for teething pain. Also try cold teething ring. Also, 1st dental appointment should coincide with 1st birthday. Enjoy your baby.