What kinds of stds cause Pink vaginal discharge With Foul Odor?

Here are some... Foul-odored vaginal discharge suggests BV or STD-related vaginitis, usually being bacterial, chlamydia, trichomonas, etc. But, clinically it doesn't matter because you need to be treated and followed anyway. More? Ask the treating doctor timely so to get right Dx for right Rx, care, and counseling for the present and the future.

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Vaginal discharge and foul odor. Std cleared. 3 months of metronidazole, and fluconazole. Nothing helps..

Here are some ... Using anti-fungal agents of 3 months is too long and unnecessary . Now is time to reassess your clinical conditions to assure the accuracy of diagnosis and realign /adjust the Rx & care. In fact, at times, what you described could be normal for you since smell and amount of vaginal discharge may be very personal unique. So, see gyn-doc for re-evaluation and counseling so to decide what makes sense. Read more...

I have had a heavy vaginal discharge since I started my period with no pain and no odor it is with-ish and creamy. It can´t be an STD since I´m virgin?

Yeast? This may be a yeast infection, especially if you have itchiness along with the thick white discharge. Try an OTC miconasole or clotrimasole as directed and see a doc if you are no better within a week. Read more...