Reasons for passing out and not regaining "awareness" for 17 hrs along with loss of speech and walking for 24 hrs? All scans normal and I was hydrated

Oh my-- And did you tell your parents about what happened? Unfortunately, because you're a minor for another 2 years we cannot specifically counsel you with medical advice without your parents' permission. But they could sign up for a HealthTap Account like you did and ask any question they'd like on your behalf and we'd be happy to advise them on what things they should think about for that problem.
Migraine vs seizure. The duration of the loss of awareness, loss of speech and walking is long for the event to be a seizure. However, migraine phenomena can laast this long. I suggest you consult a neurologist and consider havinrg an EEG, electroencephalogram. Is there a family history of migraine or throbbing headaches or unusual events that clear in a few hours.