Hi! I smoke 2 to 5 cigarettes and wanna quite, will you please provide some advice please? Besides that I feel my friends don't like me especially a

Smoking. 2-5 cigarettes is pretty good. In order to quit try the following. Keep a log of when and where you smoke. Then try to eliminate one location and one cigarette at a time. Do this over a 1-2 month period. A practice which was quite successful in the original "smoke Enders" program.
It depends. Cold turkey would work if you are only smoking 2 to 5 cigarettes daily. If you don't feel confident, a Nicotine Patch can be prescribed by your primary care physician. You can also use Chantix or electronic cigarettes. Discuss this with your primary care who can suggest other non-drug way of quitting. Exercising can help a lot.
Shouldn't be 2 hard. Since the level of physical dependency for that amount of smoking should be rather low. Most people try "cold turkey" techniques first, and those might work well for you. Set a "quit date, " and tell all your friends to help support you with it, including not giving you cigarettes. Clean your house and car, get rid of ashtrays etc. If not successful, nicotine replacement therapy+formal program next.