I am hypothyroidism/hasimoto. I am drinking Armour, prenatal suplements, vitamind. Can I try parasite clense from dr hilda clark? Trying for baby

Trying for baby. when trying to have a baby it is important to consider what you are putting into your body. Limit stress, eat healthy fruits and vegetables. Take only medication approved by your doctor. Over the counter medication is not evaluated by the FDA. So vitamins should be prescription only. Make sure to exercise as well. Hope this helps.
Hypothyroid. The straightforward simple answer is NO! You need to have your thyroid levels measured regularly - about every 3 months. They will soon be normal and there should be no trouble from this that would interfere with having a new baby. Hope all goes well.
Preconception. Unless you have been diagnosed with parasites, you do not have to treat parasites. Make sure your TSH is normal in order to get pregnant.