Herpes? I've had off and on mild itchiness (my doctor thought was just irritation from scratching) and I had a sore from scratching (healed in a week)

HSV 1&2 EVALUATION. It may be HSV2 or 1 Genitally , it can be transmitted via oral sex. HSV LESIONS TEND TO BE PAINFUL. See your doctor with next flare and get labs checked. Acute flares of HSV RESPOND TO FAMVIR&VALTREX. Most importantly to realize virus may be spread even without visible lesions. You need to have a frank discussion with past & present sex partners. Especially if they test-for HSV1&2.
See a dermatologist. Herpes is seldom itchy. The question is otherwise too vague for any other comment.
Probably not herpes. Herpes doesn't behave like this. If you ever develop blisters or ulcers (open sores) in the genital area, see your doctor within a day or two for exam and possible test. In the meantime, it is unlikely that this is herpes.