I tested positive for hemachromotosis genetic mutation. My iron levels were high but ferritin was only 50. I'm 19. Should I avoid iron in food?

No way to avoid iron. Need further details but you should know that Hemochromatosis mutation analysis only diagnostic if a sibling has it. The phlebotomy treatment aims to lower your ferritin to 50 ng/ml or less. The best screen is % saturation of TIBC (total iron-binding capacity), calculated from your TIBC and your serum iron. If 45% or higher, then a ferritin >300 ng/mL in men and >200 ng/ml in women is diagnostic.
Hemochromatosis . Iron overload can eventually cause multi-organ issues eg liver, pancreas, joints., skin, nervous system and heart problems requiring regular chelation treatments. Best to avoid excessive iron intake to avoid problems later in life. See www.hemachromatosis.org. Prevention Works!