Been having pain in my right leg but it's not severe pain. Some times it feels like my nerves jumping & some slight stings. Not much calf pain. Ideas?

Look to your. BACK....A pinched nerve in your spine is possibly the "culprit". Check it out with your PCP (Primary Care Provider) Hope this helps! Dr Z.
Nerve vs. Blood Clot. Please see a specialist in foot and leg to make sure it's not a blood clot or nerve impingement.
Pinched Nerve. If it is just the outside of your thigh it sounds like something called lateral femoral cutaneous nerve impingement (or Meralgia paraesthetica) which are big names for a pinched superficial nerve. It happens from wearing tight belts, jeans, pressure from cell phones, etc. Try making sure your clothes are not too tight and see if it goes away. If not it should be checked out.