A peanut allergy and am wondering if there is any other not I need to be concerned with. I know that cashews do not bother me?

Peanuts. Are different from tree nuts like cashews, other nuts as almonds , hazsel or walnuts are different family of tree nuts than cashews or Brazilian nuts, I trust you know the precautions, I don't know the degree of allergy you have, but take care as peanuts are present in many sweets as chocolate s for example, read the labels carefully, keep epipen (epinephrine) and antihistamines handy for accidental exposure.
May be. Peanuts (which are legumes, not nuts) are not related to tree nuts. However, tree nut allergy is also very common. If you can tolerate tree nuts, you can eat them. As pointed out, you need to be careful about cross-contamination with peanuts. If you have significant peanut allergy, you need to carry self-injectable epinephrine and have an alert bracelet.
No but. Peanut and tree nut allergies are entirely different and allergy to one does not mean allergy to another. The most common problem is cross-contamination during the processing and packing of the nuts -many labels do issue warning on this. Some publications suggest that being allergic to one nut makes one more likely but not certainly allergic to another. Read label carefully and carry epinephrine .