I'm 5 months pregnant what can I do for severe stress and what exactly are the risks of getting severely stressed to the point of hyperventilating.

CBT. Seek a cognitive-behavioral therapist who specializes in phobias. One method they use is systematic desensitization which slowly and incrementally brings the person closer and closer to the thing they are afraid of in slow, graduated steps that help make the anxiety more tolerable.
Source of stress. It would be beneficial to evaluate the source of stress that you are reporting, the extent and direct impact of the stress (physically and emotionally), and what coping skills and resources are available and being utilized. It may be worth your while to consult one of the Health Tap providers or psychologists to discuss these items and establish a plan to mange the impact of stress.
Health & pregnancy. Most health workers agree that it is most beneficial for mothers and their babies to have a stress free pregnancy. Otherwise, a few complications could going through be a difficult labor. In addition, stress can interfere with mother's appetite and nutritional daily needs, a high risk for hypertension and poor readiness and distress at the time of delivery, among other problems.