How to get rid of phelm while smoking meth?

QUIT! Lance: My best advice is to quit smoking. It will ruin your health in the long run.
Quit meth. Phlegm is the least of your problems if you are smoking meth. Get help and quit to save your health.
STOP SMOKING. This is NOT a site where you can seek information how to tolerate recreational drugs, especially meth, which is particularly dangerous. Contact an addiction center and stop your habit NOW.
Not possible. Smoking anything -- tobacco, marijuana, methamphetamines, or anything else -- irritates the bronchial tubes and lung tissue, causing sputum (phlegm). There is no way to prevent it as long as you keep smoking. It's a sign of lung damage, seriously increasing your risk of chronic bronchitis in the near future, emphasema in the next few years, and lung cancer someday.
Easy answer. Lance, you can't do this on any other way except finding something you enjoy better than meth. You are young, I bet people like you, I imagine there are things you are good at. Not everything that grown ups have told you about other things was true, but the warnings about meth are. Please buddy, put it down.

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I'm always coughing up phlegm, no allergies, started before I started smoking a year ago, recently quit and its still there. How can I get rid of it?

Phlegm. Increase in phlegm production occurs secondary to inflammation( from smoking or viruses, bacterias, other irritants, allergies or bronchectasias) coming from sinuses or airway. Very difficult to treat some drs will give antibiotics and steroids ( cortisone). Read more...
Need diagnosis... Possible etiologies for your symptoms include bronchospasm from any cause, post-nasal drip, gerd or even a combination of these factors. Each of these has a different treatment so see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Avoid smoking to decrease airway inflammation which could worsen these symptoms! congrats on quitting! Read more...