Is it safe to take antibiotics for uti (infection)along with homeopathic medicines (natural herbs)to cure the disease?

Would avoid. If you truly have a urinary tract infection (bacteria and white cells in the urine) and your doctor has prescribed an appropriate antibiotic, I would suggest you avoid taking homeopathic medications. While probably benign, some herbal medications can interact with antibiotics and impair absorption or metabolism. Take the antibiotics as prescribed and recheck with your doctor when completed.
Yes. It is possible that the homepathic medicines alone may cure your UTI but it is reasonable to err on the side of caution and take antibiotics too. Homeopathic medicines are not the same as herbal medicines, though some are derived from herbs. Sometimes antibiotics may interfere with homeopathy but will not interfere with herbs. Homeopathy can not possibly interfere with the antibiotics.