What do doctors do to test bipolar disorder?

Get evaluated. See your mental health provider to get evaluated. A series of questions and behavior observations and if needed a psychological evaluation will help them make the diagnosis.

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What do doctors do to test for bipolar disorder?

Bipolar. Thorough evaluation to include personal & family history, presenting symptoms, past medical & psychiatric history, school or work functioning, mental status exam, and battery of testing to rule in/rule out mood disorders.

Might it be possible that a a misdiagnosis on bipolar disorder occur even after numerous tests and doctors?

Yes. Disorders like depression, substance abuse, personality disorder, adhd, intermittent explosive disorder (and others) can be mistaken for bipolar disorder.
Absolutely. Tragically, is not uncommon for a person suffering from bipolar disorder to have been symptomatic for more than a decade, seen multiple clinicians, and carried several different diagnoses before he or she is correctly diagnosed and treated.

What do doctors do to diagnose bipolar disorder in teenagers?

History/physical. Just as with adults, the diagnosis is made by getting thorough history of symptoms from patient, friends and family members. We use a screening questionnaire called the cbq (childhood bipolar questionairre) to guide our assessment. The trick is finding someone familiar with child/teen versions of bipolar disorder, and also ruling out other physical or behavioral disorders as the cause of symptoms.

How come most doctors not want to concider juvenile bipolar disorder?

New diagnosis. Bipolar is a new diagnosis....And most kids do not really have such ups and downs. Some bipolar is due to a nutritional deficiency. Children may have an actual physical cause for symptom. Pediatricians / child psychiatrists will hopefully look for a physical or organic cause for mood swings before resorting to such a diagnosis and the meds usually used for it.

Need a doc specializing in bipolar disorder and ADHD in chicago?

Doctor referrals. I'm not in chicago, but I know there are a lot of academic centers there. They often have a medical school attached, with a psychiatry department that has its own clinic. That's a good place to start. Also, google "psychiatrist chicago bipolar adhd" and check out the bios on the doctors that are listed. Your local and county health department may also have a list of referrals. Good luck!
Bipolar treatment. You need to be careful seeking out treatment for both bipolar disorder and adhd, because alot of the adhd medications can make the bipolar problem worse. Many symptoms of adhd are included in the criteria for bipolar disorder. I have had many patients who came in thinking they had adhd, and they really had bipolar disorder. Good luck to you.

Why don't doctors give medication to all patients with bipolar disorder?

Individual. A doctor must weigh the potential benefit of a medication against the risk of side effects. Bipolar disorder is not a single illness. There are variations of intensity and symptoms. If a doctor feels the patient does not need medication to control the symptoms s/he will not prescribe.

Doctors, do you think I can develop bipolar disorder without a clear family history?

Bipolar Dx happens. The risk of Bipolar Disorder and other mood disorders (most commonly depression) is highest in families with other psychiatric disorders, including substance abuse but many cases "just happen". Though this is serious condition there are effective treatments. The first step is a careful diagnosis from a physician (psychiatrist)with expertise in this area. Ask your doctor for help. Good luck.
It can happen. Although bipolar appears to have hereditary relationship, it is not always seen in all cases. This may mean that the family relative was many generations back or undiagnosed. If you are concerned that you may have it, consult with a psychiatrist or psychologist.

What is the difference between bipolar disorder and asperger's syndrome? And why it seems so hard for some doctors to tell each other apart?

Very different. Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder -- the person may cycle between depression and mania, with normal mood interspersed. Genetics may play a role. Asperger's syndrome is a milder form of autism, where people have social isolation and eccentric behavior beginning in childhood. Those w/asperger's can get very frustrated sometimes -- maybe it could look like mood instability, without complete history.
Asperger/Bipolar. Asperger shows stereotyped behaviors, activities & interests, such as eye contact & facial expression, without extreme variations in moods or cognitive functioning. The two can, however, coexist.
Asperger's. I really don't know why this would be hard to tell apart. They are very different difficulites. This is asperger's http://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=xg1ngp1ngds.