Women 30 yo. No cancer in family. Breast echo showing two well defined hypoechoic solid nodules, 2 axilla ganglions (1, 74*0, 6+1, 48 *0, 6). What is this?

Uncertain. Ultrasounds of the breast are good for telling solid from cystic masses but other than ruling out a cyst, don't tell you what a mass is. Further testing and a possible biopsy are necessary in order to do that. With your history, breast cancer is unlikely but not impossible. Hope this helps.
Mostly benign. mostlikely this is benign nodules,the ganaglion in the axilla, if that what they are has no connection what so ever to the breast nodules they are all benign.
Sounds benign. small hypoechoic nodules and well defined may be small cysts, fibroadenoma or even lymph nodes. In the axils most of the time these are lymph nodes. These are common in the breast.