What hours are rem sleep...and is this the most important sleeping period for good rest?

REM sleep. Typically occurs 2 1/2 to 3 hours into sleep and then will occur one or two more times depending upon how long one is able to sleep. As sleep progresses the direction of RAM sleep increases in time from 30 seconds or a bit more as sleep progresses. If one is sleep deprived RAM sleep May occur at sleep onset. RAM sleep is important for memory consolidation and resolving unresolved conflicts. RAM sleep and deep sleep are the two most important phases of sleep from the standpoint of good health.

Related Questions

Is supressing REM sleep better for good sleep? Do dreams occur in this stage?

No way. Absolutely not. Rem sleep is extremely important. That is when most of your brain rehabilitation and memory formation occurs. Suppressing rem sleep can result in mental and physical problems. Dreaming occurs during this time as well.

Is there a good way of inducing REM sleep?

Get more REM. Sound sleep is the best day. Withdrawal and discontinuation of medications that suppress rem is helpful in a number of patients.
Prevention. Not being able to sleep may indicated sleep problems that can be life shortening or life threatening. The only way to know if there are serious problems is with an overnight sleep test. I encourage you to seek help.