I had unprotected oral & protected sex two weeks ago. No symptoms except a small mark that a doc said was fine. Chance I could have herpes?

Not herpes. Assuming "small mark" isn't red, tender, didn't turn into a blister or open sore, etc, then for sure it isn't herpes. Every herpes outbreak evolves from red bump to blsiter/sore to healing over 1-2 weeks. Anything that doesn't change in appearance over a few days can't be herpes. No worries.
Possible. Since HSV types 1 and 2 can both cause both oral and genital herpes and you can carry the virus for years without an out break, it is possible that you are infected. Even condoms aren't 100% effective in preventing transmission. The best prevention is to know your partner well, know their sexual history, and both be tested prior to intercourse. Hope this helps. Be safe.