I don't know if I have sialolith I don't have dental how do I find out. I never had it before & I've increased calcium intake how can I send a pic?

Requires exam. This requires an exam by the Dentist. Best to see the Oral Surgeon, as they are the ones who will render any definitive treatment as needed. If you get a swelling around mealtimes, then it is likely a sialolith. Sometimes these pass on their own but often a small probe is used to dislodge them. Other times, simple surgery to remove. See the Oral Surgeon to get correct diagnosis and tx. Good Luck.
X-ray. Calcification (stone) in salivary duct diagnosed by examination, palpating, and x-ray. A picture over the computer won't do it. You'll have to see a Dentist, Oral Surgeon, Dental School, Dental Clinic. There' snow OTC solution for your problem. Please seek care now before an annoying problem becomes an acute problem.