bad headache after meal and vomiting, numbness in arm come after, but no fever. Is it a flu? Or just food poison.

Check it out. Your symptoms could be from food poisoning but your findings sound more neurological. The numbness, bad headache, vomiting, sounds more like a migraine brought on by something you ate. Because of the neurological symptoms you have, if still present, you should go to urgent care or emergency room at this time. Call your own MD now about your symptoms.

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My 2 year old vomited last night 5 times with no fever, no vomiting since but she now has a fever between 100 & 101f. Is this food poisoning or flu?

Infection. Food poisoning doesn't cause a fever. This is an infection and would benefit from a physician evaluation if not improving.
Fever and vomiting. Some food poisoning does have fever associated with it. The time of onset of symptoms and history of other people who had the same food getting simialr symptoms can help. Also, viral gastroenteritis usually does not have blood in the stools. There is usually otyher children/adults who have been sick with viral gastorenteritis as well.

Son had flu shot. Got up started vomiting 3 times and has low grade fever; migraine headache. What is it flu or food poison? What meds and food today?

Very unlikely the sh. You get a small inoculum in your arm. It would be a "stretch" to say that that material got down to the GI tract and caused his symptoms. I think it much more likely that that he picked up a second stomach "flu"virus and dad picked it up from him.