I feel edgy, extreme anger and depression. I have problem with one family member I cant ignore them. I use bad words and regret after doing. Family great?

Compliments stating. Feelings, crucial for problem solving. Next sort out the reasons for fear (edgy), anger (likely justified on some basis) & depression (giving up on self & ability to confront & solve problems). To help, need more specifics on problem family member, why not able to "ignore" them despite problems. Correct, angry swear language usually inflames, not solves. How is family great & not solving problem?
Anger/Depression. You are experiencing anger/depression and feeling guilty and irritable, especially in your dealings with this one family member. Can you talk with someone else in the family about this? Do you live with this person, or just see them occasionally? If this issue is impacting the quality of your life, you might benefit from talking with a psychologist who treats families, using CBT psychotherapy.
Examination. Do you have any disturbances of sleep, appetite, and energy? Do you have disturbances of attention, concentration, and memory. Have any other realms of life been affected by modified decision making skills? Were there any long or short term family dynamics that could be contributing to your irritability and depression? Do you have any medical problems that may have recently become unstable?