Can you get rid of chlymidia with apple cider vinegar?

No! Chlamydia must be treated with antibiotics! Get seen and treated. Make sure your partner is treated, too. Use condoms to prevent gettingg it again.
No. Seriously, no. Antibiotics are the only reliable way to get rid of Chlamydia. It is very important to treat because it can cause tubal damage and infertility with very few or no symptoms. I am guessing you are thinking of douching with the vinegar, which is generally ineffective and may cause additional problems.
No. Antibiotics are necessary for eradication of Chlamydia.
No. vinegar can sure alots of ailment and clean wooden floors, but unfortunately there is no scientific based data demonstrating treatment for curing Chlamydia. Simple oral antibiotics can treat Chlamydia, so why would one want to experiment of a home remedy?
No. Chlamydia requires antibiotics for both the patient and sexual contact. Most doctors also treat for GC as they often occur together. All this best.
No. You need antibiotic specific for this organism. You should not delay treatment, because infection can result in permanent scarring.

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