Binge drinking heavily for about 7 years with on off sobriety never lasting more than 3 months. 3 seizure in the past and curious how long the danger?

Severe. Get help with your alcohol abuse before it's too late. Alcohol is taking a toll on your brain and other parts of your body too. No money? No excuse -- get yourself to an AA meeting and be surrounded by sober people, many of whom were at death's door, now reclaiming their lives. Now search online for the nearest AA meeting: http://www. You can do this! All the best.
It's your choice. Your seizures are likely secondary to your alcohol abuse, and you may well have permanent risk. You do NOT list your meds but hope you are taken anti-seizure meds. Best bet is to join AA, attend meetings and follow program to the letter. Avoid alcohol, or otherwise, expect more problems including liver failure. Until you decide, at least take Thiamine 50 mg daily.