Is it possible after 5weeks flomax (tamsulosin) my tight bladder neck symptoms still there I won't respond and need surgery? Or it be something else causing?

Yes and no. Flomax is one of the three specific alpha blockers available. So if one does not work, there are two more one can try: Rapaflo (silodosin) and Uroxatrol.

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How lonf can it take to see major improvment in tight bladder neck symptoms using betmiga and flomax (tamsulosin)? still feel constant need pee

Common question. Every patient is different. The medication is the correct medication to start on but you may need dilatation and/or cystoscopy of the urethra done by your urologist. If no great improvement with medication in a week please consult with your urologist.

Now been 5 weeks flomax (tamsulosin) after doc said tight bladder neck. Peeing every 30min feel need go all time. Sore testicle neg for infection. What is it?

See remark. Tight bladder neck is not common at your age. Have you had anytime venereal disease, history of stricture? Are both testicles sore? If they are not swollen wear a tight jockey shorts use any over the counter pain medicine for inflammation twice a day for 5 days. In the meantime, I'm afraid you may have to see a urologist. You need a physical exam / scoping your urinary channel. Good luck.

36 male Weak stream. Flow test @10, but DO empty bladder. Told Tight Bladder Neck - RX = Flomax (tamsulosin). Could this be tight Pelvic Muscles? How to correct?

Urethral strictures, non relaxation (functional) or actual obstruction of bladder neck as well as posterior urethral valves can all cause weak urinary stream. Poor relaxation of external urethral sphincter/tight pelvic floor muscles can be cause. Can respond to biofeedback or medication to relax voluntary (striated) muscle. Flummox certainly can help to relieve a tight bladder neck.