Why so many days for skin infection to heal for my dad. On antib & putting bactroban (mupirocin).What infection which looks like rash and some fluid. He has sugar?

Complications. By sugar I guess you meant diabetes which makes one more prone to get infections. You need to contact his doctor to find out if a systemic antibiotic may be needed. At times, an infectious disease consult may be required if the infection remains uncontrolled.

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Is there any stronger ointment to fight skin infection other than bactroban (mupirocin).My dad has diabetes & after a cut got rashes in skin. He has diabetes, Help?

No. There is no ointment that is stronger but I advise you to be very careful as Diabetics have a high risk of having complicated infections that may not be treatable with just ointment. Read more...

I applied Mupirocin on my skin infection usually at 8am then 2pm or 3pm then 9 or 10pm. Is that okay even it's not 8 hrs in between?

8 hours. Not a problem. No two people have the same time interval for applyning creams. The 8 hours in between is the average time not the definitive time. Relax and get better soon. Read more...