I got medication for a yeast infection and bacterial vaginitis. I finished the medication but I'm still itching inside my vagina. What's the problem?

Different treatments. Yeast and bacterial vaginosis are different infections, with different symptoms and treatments. Yeast itches, BV doesn't. If you were treated only for BV (for example, metronidazole), it's no surprise that yeast symptoms are continuing. If treated for yeast with an "azole" drug (miconazole, fluconazole, etc), some yeasts are resistant. Discuss alternative Rx with your doctor.

Related Questions

If my vagina doesn't smell fishy, do I have a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis?

Yeast infections. Don't usually have a strong fish odor. If you aren't sure of the reason - then it is best to be medically evaluated to correctly identify the dx.

Could a tilted uterus cause vaginal burning and pain during sex I have never had an underlying STD just bacterial vaginitis and yeast infection?

See answer. ~20% of females born in the U.S. Have a tipped/tilted uterus which simply means that the uterus is not in a normal up and down placement but tipped forward or back in comparison to where it should be aligned. Though usually asymptomatic, it may be associated with pain during sex or menstruation. Vaginal burning unassociated with sex would not be a typical symptom. Gynecologist can provide answer.