Temp 37, severe NEW head/neck pain for 6 days, no other symptoms. Don't feel unwell in myself. Have Pseudotumour cerebri. Could this be meningitis?

Probably not meningi. This is probably not meningitis, although it could be theoretically. It could also be influenza for example. Or something similar to meningitis. The best way to determine if meningitis is present is to look at the cerebrospinal fluid. Although you may not need this test, if you were ill this should be considered. If you are otherwise alright, perhaps a check in to your local medical is good.
Unlikely. Less likely meningitis, unless atypical form. Would be more likely, obviously, if there is a shunt in place. Any new severe headache should be evaluated sooner than later.

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I don't know whether my worse than ever headache and neck ache for 6 days is my Pseudotumour cerebri or meningitis?! I have no other SX. Just PAIN!

What to do. A worse version of a headache is often just a worse version of what we have had before. Other symptoms or ineffective treatment of an old headache lead us to suspect a new cause though, and if you are really suffering, it is a good idea to get a face to face visit with a medical provider. They can help evaluate this - that is best. Read more...