Battling kidney infection since March, 4 different antibiotics. I have severe leg pains back is hurting so bad I could cry what do I do?

Be persistent. Some critical finding is missing. Could be inflammation of the bladder in the absence of infection, infection with an antibiotic-resistant organism, abscess, kidney stone or other complication to explain treatment failure. Keep your doctor informed. Coexisting severe back pain warrants consideration of going to the ER if this has not already been addressed (to rule out spinal cord infection)
Something else. Either you don't have a kidney infection or have a resistant infection. What you have is not usual and severe pain this long is not typical. You need a MD to exam you and may need additional test including imaging. Leg pain is not typical of a kidney infection. You need your back examined and imagined. This could be a different pathology. Need to see an MD soon and seek care. Insist on a diagnosis.