I've been fitted with insoles and now I'm getting pain and pins + needles in my ankle that's got pin and plate. Is it the insoles that's the issue?

It's a possibility. But sounds like a lot going on there and we don't know enough of your situation to give a precise answer. Like; when and Jenny was the hardware put in, do you have any swelling on that foot, any medical problems, taking any medication, what else was injured when you injured that foot\anklle etc.
Insoles. most likely yes. Chnaging the contour of your arch is doing this.
Not so Fast. Go figure. Wearing insoles, especially medium rigid or rigid ones, are going to effect the way the foot will transfer energy through the ankle. The combination of the joint alignment being altered and the soft tissue surrounding the joint be stretched could possibly cause these symptoms. Wearing different insoles or wearing them for the first time may require a break-in period.