Good day, I am in need of a program that will assist me in gaining weight?

It is difficult. to succeed at overcoming nature and genetics. Weight and habitus are primarily determined by genes, but can be overcome by environment and lifestyle. Although being thin is viewed as a person looking unhealthy, the opposite is true. Obesity increases the risks of diabetes, heart disease, and many cancers. The healthiest option is to eat a well balanced diet, and exercise to built muscle weigh.
Need more weight. Hi TaliyaM, my best suggestion is to find a dietician. Not knowing your BMI, weight gain needs to be monitored just as much as weight loss. There are obvious ways to gain weight (fast food, high caloric foods) but i would avoid those as they are extremely unhealthy. It may be as simple as supplements added to an otherwise healthy diet. Do it right, see a dietician, and you'll thank them. .
Exercise and higher. protein will help turn fat into muscle. Even though the number on the scale may not change much, you will look trim and healthy. Check w/doc first. Measure your self-worth by being a good and decent person, not by weight. Peace and good health.