Can constipation cause vomiting?

Yes, if SevereEnough. and intestines are full enough, they vomiting is the fall back option to at least partially reduce intestinal volume.

Related Questions

Can constipation cause one off vomiting in a 2 year old?

Yes. I don't know what you mean by "one off vomiting, " but i've seen constipation severe enough to cause vomiting in a child. This is, however, a rare thing, and the constipation has to be both very, very severe and very long standing. If your child is having constipation and vomiting, it's more likely that these are two related symptoms and less likely that one is causing the other. Read more...

Can constipation cause a baby to vomit?

Rarely. Constipation can be accompanied by abdominal pain in infants; those prone to reflux may get upset and vomit due to their distress. Also, if the baby has a bowel obstruction, vomiting will occur--but this tends to be a very acute illness, hours to a few days--and much more severe, also relatively unlikely. For the latter, get help quickly! Read more...