Gave unprotected oral sex to a man in January. He was tested for hiv two months after his last encounter. Negative. I haven't had symptoms. Am I ok?

Most likely. However, HIV window period can be as long as a 6 months between infection and one of the older, less sensitive tests turning positive. And since you are sexually active - my recommendation is to tested regularly - and your PCP should be doing precisely that.
Almost certainly OK. A negative test 2 months after the last encounter is nearly 100% proof your partner wasn't infected. And even if he had HIV, oral sex is extremly low risk; HIV is rarely transmitted sexually except by vaginal or anal sex. Lack of symptoms doesn't mean anything one way or the other, but there is no realistic chance you have HIV from this event.
Yes. Today, all labs use the new tests that are very reliable after six weeks. Even performing oral sex without protection is much safer than high-risk activities. However, you're risking gonorrhea, syphilis, and some other stuff. Play safely, and I hope you'll treasure knowing that you shared love, however imperfect it may have been (and human love always is.) Best wishes.