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I have four open sores and three little pimple like bumps on the bottom of the buttocks near my vagina (but not actually in it) what could it be?

Genital Herpes. Genital herpes is more common in women than men & is caused by the hsv (herpes simplex virus). There are 2 types. Genital herpes is mostly caused by hsv type 2, but hsv type 1 can be spread via oral to genital contact. These infections can cause pain without a rash, or blisters that burst & form ulcers or what you are describing as open sores. It can be transmitted even without a rash!
Herpes. You need to see a doctor to know for sure, but herpes is a possibility. Other options would be dermatitis or molloscum contagiosum.

I have red bumps that look like pimples they hurt and itch, they are between my vagina and anus I did shave their about three weeks ago won't go away?

Get it checked. These bumps could be folliculitis-an inflammation/infection of the hair follicle as it enters the skin. However, there are other problems that could present the same way-like herpes or genital warts. Make an appt for evaluation and treatment.