Blister because of hot water burn got popped accidentally. Now it's oozing yellow liquid. I am using over counter antibiotics cream. What should I do? Do I need to see a doctor?

Normal. Blisters from a 2nd degree burn eventually rupture and drain serous fluid (yellow, watery). The overlying dead skin will then slough leaving a red dermal base. New skin then starts growing from the edges (epithelialization) and is initially white then pink. Antibiotic ointment is acceptable although the risk for infection is very low. Gauze pads/wraps are helpful to absorb the serous drainage. .
R/O CELLULITIS. Cellulitis is a superficial skin infection that can be caused after an abrasion burn or rupture of a boil . Seek prompt evaluation for potential need for oral antibiotics/X-ray /labs. SEEK PROMPT EVALUATION SINCE INFECTION IS PROGRESSING .