What are the most COMMON chlamydia symptoms in MEN? Would it be MORE likely for there to be sores or penile discharge over testicle pain/swelling?

Often none. Most commonly men have no symptoms with a chlamydia infection which is why it is important to be checked if you have had unprotected sex. common symptoms however are discomfort in the urethra ( hole where urine comes out of the penis)pain on passing urine, a slight discharge from the penis. Occasionally testicular pain and swelling.
Often no symptoms. Chlamydia often has no symptoms but the most common ones relate to discomfort with urinating, a discharge (usually slight), or penile pain. Ulcers don't occur and testicular swelling would be very unusual.
Symptoms. ?Purulent (made up of pus) discharge from the penis ?Burning, itchy, or painful sensation while urinating ?Swollen or tender testicles.

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