Are MRI's as safe as they are said to be? Is it possible in the future that MRI's will be revealed to be unsafe?

I agree Dr. Rhoads. Just in the past few years gadolinium contrast (thought to be totally benign) now requires some institutions clear their patients' renal functions with an EGFR before injecting the dye. There is a recommended limit of 3-5 MRI's for a pregnant woman. The most accurate statement is that "We are unaware of significant harmful effects of MRI to patients." Focus on the word, "UNAWARE."
No way to predict. Many things in medicine were used for hundreds of years and then found out to be harmful. We don't know everything yet, no one does. With time and study and experience we add to our knowledge. Sometimes what seems to be a good practice now, is found to be less helpful than we believe or has long-term effects that are impossible to predict. MRI's are a relatively recent invention.
Very safe. as of today, there is now evidence to suggest otherwise. MRI has been around a long time and when used appropriately extremely safe.
It is. highly improbable that MRI will ever be shown to be unsafe. There is a 30 year history of safety, and the science/physics do not predict any harmful consequences from diagnostic use.
Yes safe. No Future. MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. There is no ionizing radiation as in x-rays. It is no more dangerous than a powerful magnet to you. As I am not expecting the laws of physics to change no one at this time can figure out how this might become harmful.
2 separate questions. We can only go by pre-existing data & our experience w/ prior pts 2 answer ur question. MRIs appear 2 b safe so far- very few adverse reactions when proper precdautions r taken (get rid of all metal; no pacemakers or implants allowed; avoid if claustrophobic, etc.). It is ALWAYS possible that, in the future, scientists find harmful effects of MRI that we don't know abt today. Knowledge changes.