I masturbate since 2004 daily. 4 times a day. Now I got married 1 month ago. Can I have a baby now. Does maturbation effect to have a baby. If so. What I have to do now. Thanks.

No effect. Masturbation shouldn't affect your chances to have babies, which should be expected once you establish normal sexual relations with your spouse. Good luck.
Stop masturbating. Best way to maximize fertility potential of semen is to withhold ejaculation for 2 - 3 days before trying to impregnate. Sperm concentration in semen is reduced with frequent ejaculation. Sperm is released from testes at a steady rate, thus there will be less sperm/ejaculation the more often ejaculation occurs. Would also advise that masturbating more than once or twice/day is excessive.
Take a break. Although there is no harmful effect from masturbation, daily ejaculation can cause a decrease in sperm count and effect your ability to get your wife pregnant. Try refraining from ejaculation for a week before having intercourse at the time of her ovulation in order to increase your chances of getting her pregnant.