I lots of have loose skin under my eyes, what is the best treatment? Laser or bleph?

Either. Laser treatment with a fractional laser is a good non-invasive way to start. If this doesn't work then you can try fillers under the eyes (or PRP under the eyes). Again minimally invasive and also effective. Reserve a bleph for a last resort or if you have very severe skin laxity.
See a plastic surgeo. You need to see a plastic surgeon to get a proper answer to this question. Without being able to see and examine you in person, it is hard to answer this question in this setting.

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Loose skin in lower cheeks and under eyes just at an age of 21, what should I do. I can't afford laser treatment, what are the natural alternatives?

Doesn't make sense. At your age, unless you have underlying medical issues you should not have age-related facial changes. If you feel like you have abnormal skin, see a dermatologist. If you smoke, stop- this will age you prematurely. My suggestion is that if you choose to see a cosmetic surgeon, see a busy one with a good reputation who won't be tempted to offer you a procedure you won't need. Read more...