Normal paps...Will stelara (ustekinumab) cause the hpv to turn into cervical cancer? Normal pap in Feb started stelara (ustekinumab) In May. Found out I had hpv virus 8-9 yrs ago

No evidence. Good for you for being cautious and keeping up with preventative gynecological care. There is no evidence that Stelara (ustekinumab) produces cervical cancer in a person with previous HPV infection. .
Paps will protect. Your HPV probably is gone, usually cleared within 1-2 years. HPV DNA may persist, with delayed reappearance of active infection or pre-cancer, but usually not. This also depends on HPV type, i.e. high vs low risk. In theory Stelara (ustekinumab) and similar drugs could increase risk of late HPV problems but no data available. Paps still should detect any problem long before actual cancer. Discuss with doctor.