Hot water burn blister popped. What should I do so it doesn't get infected and gets healed quick? How long will it take to heal?

Local wound care. Local wound care usually involves washing with a gentle soap and water twice daily, applying antibiotic ointment and monitoring for signs of infection. Increased redness, swelling and pain, especially when combined with the appearance of pus indicates an infection which should be evaluated by a primary care physician.
Keep it clean. There is very little risk of infection from blistered skin as the underlying dermis is still intact and acts as a barrier to infection. Cover your burn with a clean, absorbent pad. It will drain a yellow fluid for a few days then dry as the new skin grows from the edges. Avoid friction/rubbing. Use moisturizer 2x/day when edges crust. Use SPF 30+ sunscreen hourly to newly healed skin.
Soap and water. Superficial burns should heal fairly quickly. If the skin is still present, leave the skin there until it dries up. Skin is the body's Band-Aid. Keep the area clean with soap and water. You can use a topical antibiotic ointment which will also help to keep the skin from drying out.
Keep clean. Just keep it clean and if in an area that is easily exposed to dirt and such, you may want to cover it to keep it from getting infected. Should take a week until it feels better.
Clean. keep the area clean. Avoid injury to the area. Most such blister don't need any local abx therapy. Time for healing is variable and may depend on the size of your bluster. Hope this helps.