If salmon is supposed to be good for your heart then why does it have cholesterol in it?

Basic biology. All food of animal origin has cholesterol. It's a component of our cell membranes, and you make your own especially when it's not in your diet. Truth is, JD, I'd urge you to eat what you actually like, avoiding the very greasy, very salty, and very sugary stuff as best you can, if you're otherwise healthy, and focus on staying physically, aerobically fit. Food choices are seldom key to health.
Cholesterol part of. cell membrane of every animal cell on planet, made by every animal cell (to stay alive), allows membranes to be flexible yet not tear, animal cells to not need cell walls, animals to be able to move. Cholesterol has little to do with arterial disease, little absorbed from food, was promoted by NIH.gov in early 1970s as surrogate marker for correct issue: lipoproteins. Study my answers.