9 days ago I had protected sex and unprotected oral. I just noticed an area of two red line-like rashes on my underwear line next to testes. Herpes?

Here are some... The described features and location of rashes hint low odd to be herpes, instead more likely to be heat rash in the form of intertrigo related with early skin fungal infection, which may be treated with anti-fungal cream with cream, but key point of care is still keeping the area less warm & moist as well as good general health with quality healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession.

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Had protected sex& unprotected oral 7 days ago. Now I have a red line rash on my underwear line between testes and leg. Herpes? Or rash? Or yeast?

Rash. This is a common area for yeast infection (jock itch) but could simply be due to friction or heat rash. Herpes eruption is usually uncomfortable. I think it's best to get it checked by your physician for diagnosis and treatment in any case. Unprotected sex is not advisable, of course.