Heart pounding all over, hand shakes, left hand finger twitch, when I talk feels like my tongue sticks out, leg shakes when standing?

Need more history. Are these symptoms recent? How did they start? Do you have any reason to be under stress? You can benefit from a visit to an urgent care or a live consult.

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My left hands shakes a bit throughout the day. My mouth is dry. Lower back hurts and I could feel my heart pounding all over?

May be stress but. This may be stressed but you need to see your physician to make sure there's not another diagnosis. There can be medical conditions that could cause some of the symptoms. We would be wise to go ahead and pursue this evaluation to get you the comfort that you need. Read more...

My leg skakes sometimes when I sit and when I stand for a while. Left hand shakes and sometimes my finger twitch. Lower back hurts, dry mouth?

Neurologist. A neurologist is best qualified to evaluate movement disorders and tremors. Is there a family history of tremors? Low back discomfort and dry mouth are nonspecific symptoms. Avoid alcohol,caffeine and nicotine and other stimulants and consult a neurologist for evaluation and treatment. Read more...