Hi I was just wondering if you could get pregnant by your partner having sperm on his fingers and then puts them inside you.

Hard to tell. This is a hard question to answer. The probability of pregnancy is very low but not zero. If enough viable semen is deposited there is a remote chance. At this time best option is to see a OB at an appropriate time and consider a home pregnancy test bases in instructions. In summary the probability of pregnancy is very low at best but not zero.
Yes. Certainly if he lets it dry for several hours that's very unlikely to be an issue. However, if the semen is still wet then there may viable sperm available. This is actually a common question on Health tap.
Yes. Politically, the "great unwashed" references the mass population that is often the electorate. However, in this case, the "great unwashed" is your partner's semen containing hand that can get you "elected' unwanted mother of the event.