Chronic bladder pain. Normal urine test, blood and cystoscopy. Dont fit diagnos of interstital cystitis. What to do? Already taking 3000 mg tylenol (acetaminophen)

Medications. If the above tests are normal, speak with your physician about pelvic imaging studies, urine test for cytology, and possible stool testing for colon issues due to pelvic pain. If all tests are normal, then dietary changes along with behavioural modification are indicated. In addition, medications are usually helpful in controlling the symptoms if all the above studies are negative.
Dangerous dose. Normal adult Tylenol (acetaminophen) dose is 650 mg 4 hrly, not to exceed 3250 mg (10 x 325 mg tabs)/24 hours. 3000 mg as single dose v. dangerous. Risk of hemorrhage &/or stomach ulcers. Might be IC often difficult to diagnose. Check Worth trying bland IC diet & avoid caffeine, alcohol, OJ, spicy, fried or fatty foods. Try Prelief. "Bladder pain" could be due to endometriosis or ovarian cyst.