Will someone withdrawl from ativan (lorazepam) I take ONE pill. 75 every other day? I do not take everyday. And I feel fine on days I don't take it.

Taper dose. Your Ativan (lorazepam) dose of 0.75 mg every 2 days is low for an adult. Should not be difficult to taper the dose depending on how long you've taken it and then stop completely. Tapering is to prevent any withdrawal effects. However, please check with prescribing doctor (1) if this is the right time for you to stop this med and (2) how to taper the dose. Good luck to you!
Complete taper. It appears that however you tapered your medication, it might be completed. You probably would not feel symptom-free every other day. If there are some withdrawal, mostly anxiety, take 0.5 mg if necessary.
Dose related. Your dose and taking it every other day withdrawal if you stopped completely unlikely. At 1 mg/d or more I would taper gradually. My question is what symptoms you are treating. Long term consistent use of benzodiazepines is never advised in part due to tolerance which leads to decrease in efficacy and rebound exacerbation of pre-existing symptoms. Not in your case, but other treatments preferable.