I have a severely redundant colon that is also permantly distended by gas, why can stool slowly get through but the gas does not, it goes backwards?

Different processes. Passage of gas is more mechanical process than passage of stool that requires active peristalsis in your colon to pass BM. If you haven't done it, you should have a GI consult for an endoscopic exam for proper diagnosis and management. Use OTC meds for gas and diet modification (avoid beans, cauliflower) in the meantime.
Anorectal dysfunction. Most of the time redundant colon is never a problem ,resection of it rarely indicated . You need work up not just colonoscopy , ano-rectal motility studies is not synchronizing colonic peristalsis as during mass peristalsis spinctor instead of opening is closing and rectal manometry etc. Some times ballon A-R dilation may help you Speak to your MD.